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The first thing you should do is contact the Indonesian embassy in your country to get up to date on visa requirements.



To enter Bali for tourism, you need a valid Passport, with an expiration date of no more than 6 months. and you also need a visa.

Currency exchange

Probably the safest place to exchange money in Bali with good Pt. Dirgahayu Valuta Prima rates at the corner of Jalan Pantai and Jalan Legian. They are guaranteed by the Bank of Indonesia. There is no need to worry about being short changed, they count the money in front of you and they will also give you a receipt.
Be wary of frauds led by people claiming to be "authorized money exchangers" in Kuta, Bali. The rate they offer is higher than the average to make sure they attract enough customers.

The exchange rates offered in exchange exchanges are usually better than in banks; They also have better schedules and transactions are faster. Look at the exchange rates advertised outside the stores. Always ask about the existence of commission before changing as some exchange exchanges with better rates charge commission.

How to dress

To walk in the street, visit temples, and other sacred places, remember to wear clothes that do not bother like long pants and a batik.

Therefore, you should avoid hurting local sensibilities, especially in regard to modesty in the clothing field, walking half naked is not well seen.


It is convenient to have a transformer depending on the area. Use caution before using an appliance. Some hotels offer adapters. Most hotels use 220 V, although there are still sites at 110 V. Plugs follow the same standards as in Europe.


It is advisable when traveling to a foreign country to find out at your local hospital about the type of vaccines or medications you may need for your trip. This is more important when traveling to tropical destinations. If there is a tropical diseases hospital nearby, contact them before going to Indonesia.

It is recommended that travelers bring medicines against stomach discomfort and a tube of antihistamine or anti-mosquito cream to get rid of bites and aspirin. If you are taking any medication you should bring enough of it, along with the prescription. Keep in mind that pharmacies are not as well stocked as in Europe.

Keep in mind that your body is not used to this type of food, spices and so on. You may have slight annoyances eating on the street or eating at luxury restaurants. The best way to avoid an upset stomach is to take a daily supplement of acidophilus (yogurt) and add fresh ginger to your food or tea. Also drink only bottled water.


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs recommends maximum caution to people visiting the country, especially in public places and large hotels.

There is a risk associated with terrorism that affects many world destinations.

The Balinese people are of a calm and peaceful nature. Despite this, the influence of tourism has triggered the appearance of petty theft. It is preferable to close the luggage with a key. In the crowds or in public transport, care should be taken with pickpockets.

The local fauna is not dangerous, although you should be careful with snakes, do not forget that we are in a tropical zone.

In summary

Drink bottled water.

Do not drink tap water, even in luxury hotels.

Be careful with the areas where you bathe, the currents can be very strong and dangerous

Offer your hand when greeting. This is common for men and women. A smile always helps.

Do not use your left hand to give or receive; this is bad manners Keep in mind that the left hand is the one used to go to the bathroom

Do not point to anything using the foot as this is also very impolite.

Keep in mind that bargaining is a custom in business relationships.

Do not forget to bring your passport or a photocopy of your identification at all times.

Do not touch anyone's head - this is very offensive in Indonesia. Touching a child's head is very frowned upon.