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Rafting is the best way to get in touch with the wonderful nature of Bali. We will take you to the mountainous town of Begawan where all the equipment will be provided, then we go down the slopes towards the spectacular Ayung river. rapids of classes II and III .EL Río Unda is a good place for rafting ..




Riding a camel. Near Nusa Dusa you can perform this activity. A rewarding ride on the back of a camel.

 Montar a camello

Surfing. Balí is a paradise for surfers. For surfers with a medium to medium high level, the waves are quite fast and with a shallow coral bottom, a marvel. The best-known waves are on the Bukit Peninsula on a stretch of coast of less than 10 kms.

If you want to get up close to the surfing environment of Bali, the ideal is to rent a house (they are spectacular and very well priced) near the beach and go out every day to surf, yes, with an instructor if you are not an expert.


Water park. Waterbom Park & Spa in Kuta. To enjoy from the youngest to the oldest, activities for all ages.

Bali Bird's Park. For nature lovers, they can contemplate the most interesting species in the world in this park. There is an impressive collection of tropical birds. You can even enjoy the Komodo Dragon


Bull racing They are held between July and October. It's a show. It is part of a ceremony to ensure the success of a rice harvest. The different villages compete with each other. An ideal outlet for children.


Riding on the banana is a very exciting adventure, especially for the little ones. It is very common to see people practicing it.


You can find activities for all tastes: climbing, cycling, golf, snokel, diving, surfing, horse riding, etc ...