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Shopping in Bali is a real luxury, the variety of items is endless. It can be defined as an art of negotiation.



Gold and the beach can be obtained at a reasonable price.

The craftsmanship is very important in Bali. You can buy authentic works of art carved in wood, such as the famous batiks

If you like to buy clothing, you have a wide variety of leather products. There are many Western brands, it is very difficult to know if they are authentic or imitations.

Remember that in small shops and markets haggling is common, start with a bid for half the price of the item and then go up until it seems a good price. Always do it with a smile to help negotiation.

Bali has a large number of street stalls, small shops and markets, but you can also find large shopping centers in the purest western style. In Denpasar, Kuta, Legian, Sanur, and Nusa Dua leather products, toys, sportswear are offered. These centers offer a very good service.

Do not forget to buy the wonderful replicas of tropical fruits that are very popular, as well as the carved wood flowers, the beautiful painted frames, the adorable boxes and some strange cherubs and Balinese angels.

Another exceptional product is the masks inspired by dances and rituals.

The jewels in Bali have become very popular. The sarongs, traditional fabrics, are also very good. The statues in stone are also typical of Bali. Do not forget to look for some carving work done with coconut shell, bone works, as well as wayang musical instruments and puppets.