Accommodations and cheap hotels in Bali

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How and where to find cheap accommodation and hotels in Bali is the question when you plan to travel to this paradise.



The island of Bali has a lot of options when it comes to finding accommodation. These options include everything from luxury hotels to quite budget accommodations for Bali vacations.

What is the demand for a hotel in Bali according to an inexperienced tourist or one with experience? The truth is that we would all like to find a cheap accommodation in Bali. Also, be in a quiet place facing the ocean, an excellent beach, good infrastructure, beautiful views and with few tourists. But, it is very difficult to find this in Bali.

I made a memory, remembering all the places on this island where I was and that I would recommend them in some way. I will not focus on writing about my tours of the Bali routes. For this article I wrote down those hotels where I stayed and which I consider good to live when we travel to Bali. Also, thanks to the help of Balinese friends I was able to complete with other hotels that are quite recommendable.

Accommodations in the village of Ubud, Bali

It is an independent zone, there is no sea, but it is a town of artists in the depths of the island. My appreciation is that you should live at least a few days in this place, it is an experience worth telling. Also, Ubud is convenient to walk around.

The housing options in Ubud are quite extensive, but I would advise you to forget the budget accommodation. In Ubud there are many small guest houses, hotels and villas at a price of up to USD 50 per day. If you have a slightly larger budget, you can access a paradisiacal apartment.

So, my recommendation is to stay in the bungalows and small resorts:

  • Nick’s Pension
  • Nick’s Homestay
  • Lestari Bungalow’s
  • Bali Spirit
  • Green Spirit Villa
  • Ubud Inn Resort

More expensive accommodations:

  • Bidadari
  • Viceroy Bali

Accommodations in Canggu

The place is more suitable for visual pleasures and surfing. The local beaches are not suitable for bathing and, perhaps because of this, there is almost no beach infrastructure. The attractions are black volcanic sand, restaurants on the ocean, rice fields and Tanah Lot, a popular temple. I really liked this town, again, the ideal is to stay for two or three days.

  • Bali Starling Homestay
  • Hotel Legong Keraton Beach
  • Tamu Seseh

Dreamland – Uluwatu (Bukit Peninsula)

Personally, I loved Dreamland, clear yellow sand, many secluded spots on the beach and near the famous Uluwatu temple. Ideal to stop for one or three days, if you like to change places like me.

  • Blue Point Hotel Uluwatu
  • La Hoya Balangan
  • Surga Cotteges
  • Sakura Homestay

Lodgings in Nusa Dua

It is ideal for wealthy tourists, a clean beach with fine yellow sand, no waves, deserted, but expensive. As it was not in line with my budget, I just stopped to look and bathe, then continued with my journey. To know, I visited a couple of hotels to ask and I found them calm, boring and expensive. The same as in Turkey, but with a Balinese accent and a better sea, of course.

Most expensive hotels from 4 to 5 stars

  • Nikko Beach Resort
  • Novotel

Those that are simpler and cheaper are found in the interior, far from the sea. They are an option for those who travel with children and money, appreciate the clean beach, the service and the tranquility.

  • Terraza Bali Inn
  • El Studio One


Housing on Jimbaran beach

At Jimbaran beach, they go to dinner even from the rich Nusa Dua. In Jimbaran you will find the best seafood and fish from Bali, it is also ideal to watch the sunset.

  • Sakura Homestay
  • Kamala Bed & Breakfast
  • Kupu Kupu Jimbaran
  • Hotel Puri Bamboo
  • Katy Villa
  • Bali Jegeg

More expensive:

  • Abi Bali
  • Four Seasons
  • Keraton Hotel

Accommodation in Kuta

It is the most popular, funniest and cheapest resort in Bali. The beaches receive all the people of the city and the waves are quite strong. Basically it is a place to hang out, it serves as a starting point to travel to the interior of the island. You can also have fun in the nightclubs of Kuta and on the beaches. Although I did not spend the night in this place, we stayed a few hours.

Hotels in Kuta where we would stay:

  • The Spot
  • Legian 101
  • Grandmas Hotels
  • Gemini Star Hotel
  • Warung Coco
  • Satriya Cottages

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