Festivals in Bali

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The festivals in Bali are numerous, there is a great variety of festivals scattered throughout the regions. For the Balinese dance and dance is the best way to entertain.



You can find festivals dedicated to the art of woodcarving, or to the birth of a goddess, fasting and retreat ceremonies, prayers for the dead, harvest festivals, such as the Usaba. etc...

Keep in mind that Bali uses three calendars, the western, the saka and the wuku calendar. It is recommended that you visit the tourist office or ask at the hotel to get an updated list of festivals. Keep in mind that in Bali there are festivals on a daily basis, many of which may vary from month to month.

Normally ceremonies or festivals are usually held in the afternoon or at night, when the heat is lower.

The Dance of the Monkey or Kechack, among the most attractive and spectacular and tells a story of the Ramayana, about how Rawana captured Sita and how rescued an army of monkeys.


Festivities calendar:

  • 01/01 New Year's Day (Western Calendar)
    20-21 / 02 Idul Fitri Festival
    21-03 Isolation Day / Saba New Year
    05/04 Good Friday
    28-04 Idul Adha great day
    16-05 Day of the Ascension of Christ
    19-05 Hijriah New Year
    02-06 Waisak day
    28-07 Maulid of the Prophet Mumammad
    17/08 National Independence Day
    08-12 Isra Miraj of the Prophet Muhammad
    25- 12 Christmas Day