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1. In Bali there is a body of traditional guards, known as the Pecalang, who are dressed in a headscarf, white shirt, dark green vest, traditional green and white plaid skirt and sandals.



2. Distance from Madrid to Bali: 13,071 kilometers separate Bali from Madrid. 8122 Miles or 7054 nautical miles.

3. Situation of Bali

Latitude: 8 ° 40 'South
Length: 115 ° 14 'East

4. Population: 3 million inhabitants, with more than 95% of Balinese from pure strain. The remaining 5% comes from other islands of the Indonesian archipelago, mainly from Java and Sumatra.

5. You can hire a glass bottom boat to see good coral reefs, Snorkling equipment then to Turtle Island to see the Turtles, and take photos with other animals (Phiton, Giant Bat, Monkeys, birds and reptiles) .

6. Kuta, the paradise of the Sufis, and also the most crowded and accidentalized beach. The "tanned" Australians do not travel to Kuta beach without good reasons, because this stretch of 10 km of sand

7. Elephant ride: You can enjoy a ride sitting on a chair on an elephant, when it "swings" into the cool jungles of Taro, it will be an unforgettable experience

8. Naughty Nuri's is surely the best BBQ in Bali. They make spectacular ribs. The place is a meeting point for foreigners residing in the Ubud area. You also have fresh tuna every Thursday. All at affordable prices, with main dishes ranging from € 1 to about € 5 maximum.

9. Four Seansons Resorts Sayan
It is number one in Bali and it is always among the top spots in the lists of the best hotels in the world. And with all the merit. This Four Seasons is a paradise come true. Integrated in the middle of nature and built on the banks of the Ayung River, this resort seems to be suspended in the air and lives in perfect harmony in a magical environment. Do not miss ... Its spa, considered one of the best in the world, where the traditions of the country are added to the most advanced beauty treatments.

10. The entire southern part of the island is the main attraction of Bali, as far as its coast is concerned.

11. The main city of the island is Denpasar. Capital of Indonesia: Jakarta, on the neighboring island of Java.