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The culture in Bali is the source of the people's life that becomes essential for the identity of its inhabitants, with a completely different way of living compared to the rest of the country.



Despite the massive visit of tourists, the Balinese people have succeeded in preserving their culture.

Dance and dance is the best way to entertain yourself. They are executed both for the traveler and for the celebrations of the festivals of each region. Formerly the dances were linked to religious ceremonies and although they have not completely lost that reality, their purpose is, increasingly to distract and entertain the spirit.
The most famous dances are the Bedaya and the Serimpi, which are danced in Central Java.

As always, this culture has gone through time absorbing customs and adapting other cultures to their way of life. Its people are people who are open to those who offer a warm welcome to new ideas, but at the same time they preserve a unique way of life marked by their religious, social and cultural traditions.


The Balinese calendar

The Balinese follow two calendar systems: the Western calendar and the Saka calendar.
The Saka calendar differs from the Western one in 79 years less. In this calendar, a month has 35 days, a year 420 days. Thus, the date of the new year varies year by year with respect to the date of the western calendar