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Indonesia has one of the largest kitchens in the world. Bali is not far behind, you can find multiple possibilities, from the most luxurious restaurants, to a humble roadside stand.



Balinese cuisine receives influences from all over the world, but its main element is rice, boiled or steamed. The preparations of chicken, duck, pork, all kinds of seafood and vegetables are famous. The flavors are unmistakable, using a multitude of flavors: garlic, ginger, saffron, basil, pepper, lemon grass, nutmeg. etc. The Balinese cuisine revolves around spices, often using coconut milk, which adds a rich flavor and creamy texture to vegetable, meat and fish dishes.


Normally a plate of rice is usually served first, followed by a small portion of three or four plates of vegetables or meat, known as the lauk, which are placed in the center of the table for all to share.


Most dishes are served accompanied by a sauce called sambal, made with red hot chili.

The more adventurous can enjoy all kinds of food from stalls and cafes. You can try the pisang mee-goreng (banana fritters), lumpia (fried spring roll), bakso (meatball soup). The Lawar is a specialty of Bali, consisting of minced pork, coconut and spices.


Do not forget to try the bubur injin, it's a dessert you will not forget.

The satay is one of the most typical dishes. Skewers of lamb or chicken meat, with peanut sauce. Bring soy sauce, lime juice, peanuts, garlic, curry, honey, etc ...

The nasi goreng with chicken and prawns is an excellent combination. Always accompanied by a little sauce sakk olek, to give the spicy touch that everyone wants

The tupat is an appetizer, it is rice cooked in coconut leaves.

If you are a lover of fruit, you will not forget your stay in Bali, since you will be able to find fruits that you had never imagined. The duriam, is the fruit par excellence of Bali, is characterized by its strong smell. Be careful that eating too much can cause a slight stomachache. You can also enjoy other types of fruits such as mango, papaya, pineapple, melons, etc ...

By the way, remember not to eat duriam if you drink alcohol, it is a not very advisable mixture.


When going to choose where to eat, you have to distinguish between a rumah mankan (home to eat), or a warung that is a food stall, more informal but where you can find a variety of dishes, especially different types of snacks.

Naughty Nuri's is the best BBQ in Bali. The place is a meeting point for foreigners residing in the Ubud area. You also have fresh tuna every Thursday, very good burgers and some local curries and the classic satay pinchos. With main dishes ranging from € 1. More information in Restaurants


With regard to drinks, fruit juices are typical, Indonesian tea and coffee are quite good, as well as Bali Brem rice beer and wine.

We recommend drinking bottled water, to avoid unpleasant situations. Even in luxurious hotels you should only drink bottled water.