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The beaches of Bali are famous all over the world. When arriving in Bali, many tourists ask themselves: Where are these pristine tropical beaches of Bali? Those that everyone saw in holiday magazines and advertising brochures in Bali.

After visiting Bali, everyone chooses the beach for their pleasure. In this article, I will talk about some beaches, which, in my opinion, are among the best beaches on the island.
Some tourists will like excellent waves, for example, surfers. Then you will be pleased with Balangan beach and Dreamland beach. But others will be ecstatic on the quiet and relaxed beaches. Whatever your taste, Bali has an ideal beach for you.


 Balangan Beach
It is not the first year that it is in the qualification "The best beaches of Bali". This small and cozy beach hides between two cliffs, from where you can see a dazzling view of the ocean and the sunset. Therefore, it is an ideal beach for loving couples and newlyweds.
Due to the strong ocean current, large and high waves form, attracting surfers from all over the world. The beach of Balangan has become one of the favorite places for wedding ceremonies or photo shoots. This is so, thanks to its wonderful view, snow white sand and a light sea breeze. In many specialized sites, you will find wedding packages on Balangan beach, prepared by wedding professionals.

 Jimbaran It is a quiet beach. Since the Four Seasons Resort and Inter Continental opened their doors, this area has become a popular destination for windsurfing and sailing. Jimbaran is directly south of the airport, on the road from Denpasar to Nusa Dua. The village of Jimbaran is the narrow neck of the island of Bali, and therefore, has two different beaches. In the west, facing the Jimbaran Jimbaran Bay beach, recently lined by new luxury resorts. It is a long beach on the west coast, which at night becomes a great restaurant by the sea. It's the place you should go when you want to have dinner on the beach. Even the tourists of the respectable Nusa Dua visit it to pamper themselves with fish and other seafood. You can also enjoy the most beautiful sunset in Bali.
Suitable as an alternative to boring Kuta and Legian as a base, in case you have planned to visit the surroundings.

 Padang Padang Beach
It is located near the Uluwatu temple. To get to the beach, you will have to cross a narrow passage with steps that cut directly into the rock. The beach is surrounded by rocks and small caves. During the tide it is ideal for swimming, but you must be careful with corals and sea urchins.
Among other things, the beach is preferred by surfers and was repeatedly selected for surfing competitions. The beach of Padang-Padang has gained popularity after the famous movie "Eat, Pray, Love".

 Dreamland Beach

Dreamland beach has long been one of the most popular beaches in Bali. It has long since lost its tranquility, however, it remains a favorite for local and foreign tourists. None of the ratings of "Bali's Best Beaches" can overlook this famous and extraordinary beach.
The beach of Dreamland occupies a quite extensive territory and is next to the beach of Balangan, which was already mentioned earlier in our article. On the one hand, you will enjoy the breathtaking view of the white sand beach, with the waves crashing on the rocks. It is thanks to this view that the beach acquired its name. On the other hand, you will find a sufficiently developed infrastructure with numerous cafes and souvenir shops quite visited.

It is a relatively new beach. It is excellent to enter the sea, the waves are not as terrifying as in Kuta or Legian. In addition, you will find many isolated places along the coast. You can get there in a free shuttle service that leaves from the nearby car park. It is convenient to enjoy it for half a day or for the entire day. On the beach there is a restaurant.


 Kuta It is the most popular, fullest and longest beach in Bali. It is ideal for those who want to combine a beach vacation with surfing and shopping. It is a safe beach. Kuta is the most popular, oldest, closest to the airport, the most rave and the longest in Bali. It is tolerable dirty, garbage is mostly organic, something that produces the sea, although there is also plastic. It is an ideal place for those who travel to Bali to hang out and learn to surf. One of those places where people with surfboards are more on the beach than in the sea.
A more peaceful and clean version of Kuta are the beaches of Legian and Seminyak. Cleaner beaches and much less merchants, accommodation a bit more expensive, but quite far from the nightlife. Kuta is ideal for those who go to bed in the morning and wake up closer to dinner.

 Geger Beach
It is located near the famous tourist area of Nusa Dua. Although the hustle and bustle of the area is quite noticeable, the beach remains relatively quiet. On this beach, you will definitely not catch a big wave, so it's not very popular with surfers. But Geger beach is perfect for swimming and relaxing on the beach, thanks to the small coral sand and a calm ocean with gentle waves on the shores of the coast.
Also, there you can see the farmers who collect algae near the Geger temple. Another small advantage of this beach is that it is practically the only beach in Bali, where you can take the sun topless. Geger beach is immediately close to the church of the same name.

 Legian It is known as "the Beach of the United Nations" because locals, expatriates and tourists mix well here. The sunset here is a moving moment as the bars fill up and the football field also.

 Amed Beach
It is located in the east of the island of Bali (about two hours by car from Ngurah Rai airport). This is a quiet area and almost non-tourist, it is possible that on this beach you only find local fishermen. A vacation in this part of Bali are completely opposite compared to the southern part of the island. Since that is where you will feel Bali in its original form.
Beach Amed is famous for its incredible coral reefs and underwater life in great abundance. Therefore, I recommend it to those who love to dive and to those who love snorkeling. Some more features of this beach are black volcanic sand and a view of the dazzling sunrises.
Without a doubt, the best beaches in Bali are not limited to this list. But these beaches are worth visiting. They will help you appreciate the beach vacation in Bali in all its diversity.

 Lovina Near the northern tip of the island of Bali is a stretch of the villages by the Bali Sea .. It is well known as an excellent place to observe the sunset, snorkeling and diving. The activities for the night are plentiful, as well as the chartered boats go out to sea. If you like what Kuta offers, but do not like the crowd, Lovina Beach will like it.

 Nusa Dua It is a new luxury area of the world where more sumptuous hotels are integrated into the beautiful beaches of white sands. The waters are crystal clear and is characterized by its excellent diving and snorkeling site, and the waves in the northern part and the southern part of Nusa Dua allow to navigate great opportunity. Quite the opposite of the noisy Kuta, both in location and character. This is the most respectable and expensive place in Bali. Yellow sand, excellent access to the sea and very few people, ideal for those who love solitude and luxury. Without merchants, the entrance to the territory is guarded by the police. However, they all pass after a brief visual inspection.
Here you will only find luxury hotels. Wooden walkways along the beach, massage cabins and many options for recreation. This is the Balinese version of the Turkish holiday in the style of "all inclusive, only more expensive.
Those who travel in search of peace and tranquility, will love this place.

 Nusa Lembongan It is one of the most popular destinations for day trips from Bali. The boat trip takes from one to two hours, depending on the type of boat you choose to cross. The natural beaches with calm bays are abundant with colorful marine life, so diving and snorkeling are popular activities. Boat tours with glass bottoms are available.

 Sanur , It is just 10 minutes by car from Denpasar; It is a quiet lagoon that offers ideal conditions for windsurfing and other recreational activities. The stretch from the Grand Bali Beach hotel to beyond the Bali Hyatt has a beach path, making it possible to enjoy the many hotels and restaurants in this area. The calm waters of Sanur beach are an attraction for all visitors, especially families.

 Medewi Beach
Continuing on the road to Gilimanuk, near the village of Pulukan, Medewi beach is another beautiful beach.
Soka is a small and quiet beach. It is located northwest of Denpasar, on the route to Gilimanuk, the village where the ferry connecting Bali and Java departs from.

 Tuban It is located between Kuta and the airport and has all its long great hotels. It is a less traveled beach than Kuta. It is a perfect place to sit with your favorite book and relax.

 Soka It is a small and quiet beach. It is located northwest of Denpasar, on the route to Gilimanuk, the village where the ferry connecting Bali and Java departs from.

The beaches of Uluwatu, Padang Padang, Bingin and Dreamland were exclusive destinations for surfers because the descent to the beaches was dangerous. Now there are paved streets along with access trails that facilitate access to the most popular beaches. Now everyone can take advantage of these incredible beaches, still relatively quiet for Bali. When the waves are moving you can admire world-class surf, and when the sea is calm the waters become crystal clear and calm.


Truths and lies about the beaches of Bali

Unfortunately many tourism agencies offer an idea of what our holidays will be and when we want to materialize them we end up disappointed. So, to not feel disappointed, we will discover together the truths and lies about the beaches of Bali.

Something you should not do when you arrive is to stay in a five star hotel in Bali near the sea and spend all the vacations on the beach near the hotel. The true magic of Bali's beaches emerges as a result of our own personal experience.

How many discussions are unleashed in travel forums when talking about the beaches of the island of Bali! In the end, the controversial participants always come to the conclusion that going to Bali just to rest on the beach is, for being diplomatic, a way to waste this paradise.

Conociendo las verdades y mentiras sobre las playas de Bali

Why then do travel agencies offer packages to "the paradisiacal island of Indonesia" with not-so-real images? I can not imagine a tourist package salesman telling us that most of Bali's beaches are full of garbage. Also, that in most of the beaches you can not swim due to the waves and underwater currents.
This is true and false, but not everything is so bad. First of all, do not go to Bali just for a vacation on the beach. For this, there are a million places closer and much cheaper. In effect, we have many options to create a program of excursions to the beach ourselves. To do this, you only need to know where and when to travel.